About Me


I have spent my entire life looking to the stars, unable to keep my mind and feet in one place. I grew up as the youngest and only girl in a group of four kids. My mother had a wandering soul that was infectious. We were always broke but I never felt without as we traveled around the country in our beat up Jimmy. We fought and laughed and took turns getting trucker sunburns as we stuck our arms, heads and hearts out the window to inhale each state we passed by. I loved travelling and starting over. We settled down in Northern Florida and I spent 10 years itching to leave again. As the story goes, I fell in love with a small town boy and we saw even more of the country together, venturing to Alaska and Tennessee and even some Central American countries. Trip after trip, I found myself always wanting more. I came to a crossroads when we got engaged. He wanted to settle down and have a family, and I realized much too late that I would never fit into that world. I took the money I had saved for our wedding and took my mom to Ireland, Paris, and Norway. 

The minute I set foot in Oslo I knew this addiction was never going to end. Exploring other countries and cultures is a drug nothing can replace. I couldn't leave Smalltown, FL faster. I left my heart, my family and my past behind me to move to Miami, FL to explore city life and plan my new adventures. I have been to 8 countries in the span of two years and have no plans to slow down. I hope to provide insight and tips for other travelers. You can see the world on a budget, on limited time, and as a woman. There is no limit to your compass.