Hi! I'm Briana, your Girl in Flight!

I have been travelling my whole life as often and aggressively as possible, forever scared that life will catch up to me.  I should certainly take myself more seriously, but it is at the end of a long list of things I should do one day....someday. You can typically find me in any local dive bar, tagging along with the regulars and jumping into any adventure that comes my way. I have spent nights dancing through the Grand Market of Brussels, singing along in jazz clubs in Egypt, and salsa dancing with a Nigerian prince in Scotland (OK maybe he wasn't a prince, but you couldn't convince him otherwise). None of it makes any sense but it's all so wonderfully chaotic and hopelessly mine. 

Travel with me through my crazy adventures and know that for every blurry photo, every terrible angle, every silly face, is only a brief reflection of the maniac behind the camera trying her best to capture her life in it's endless motion, if only for a moment. 

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